• Tube main rails and tube bullnose which ties into front hook system
  • All containers are primed and painted in one of 10 standard colors
  • Non-Sagging Tailgate is designed to rest on floor of container
  • Tubing Headers on all sides
  • Optional: Containers Stops can be added to accommodate all hook systems (must specify make and model)
  • Notches in each of the Vertical Support Columns prevent moisture retention
  • Minor changes can be made to fit standard understructure
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Product Specifications

  • 10 YD
    (A) Height Inside
    (B) Height Outside
    (C) Width Overall
    (D) Length Overall
    Approx. Weight
    2437 LBS.
  • 13 YD
    (A) Height Inside
    (B) Height Outside
    (C) Width Overall
    (D) Length Overall
    Approx. Weight
    2632 LBS.
  • 15 YD
    (A) Height Inside
    (B) Height Outside
    (C) Width Overall
    (D) Length Overall
    Approx. Weight
    2843 LBS.

Color Selections

P03-077 / AAW0430
P03-080 / AAD0321
Light Blue
P03-083 / AAL0713
Dark Blue
P03-066 / AAL0708
P03-075 / AAL0787
P03-085 / AAW0616
Dark Green
P03-064 / AAG0864
Maritime Teal
P03-084 / AAL0868
P03-079 / AAL1014
P03-079 / AAL0306
Dark Gray
P03-076 / AAW1047
Dark Brown
P03-067 / AAG0228
P03-078 / AAL1033
Speciality colors are available upon request. Colors shown are an approximate match.

Technical Details

Standard Deck
  • 10 Ga. Floor Sheet
  • 3″ Structural Channel on 20″ Centers
  • 3/16″ PL. Gussets on every other Cross Member
  • 6″ x 2″ x 3/16″ Tube One Piece Main Rail
  • Two 8″ diameter x 5″ LG. Heavy Duty Wheels
  • Two Diagonal 2″ x 6″ x 3/16″ Tube for Front Hook Assembly Supports w/1½” RB Hook and Formed 3/8″ Hook Mount/Crash Plate
Front and Sides
  • 11 Ga. Sheet with Tie Down Bars on both Sides and Four Tie Down Hooks on Front
  • 4″ x 3″ x 11 Ga. Top Tube
  • 11 Ga. 3″ x 5″ Formed 4-way Bend Side and Front Stiffener Columns on 30″ Centers. Stiffener Columns have notches at bottom to prevent moisture retention
  • 10 Ga. Formed Corner wraps around front for extra strength and stability
Rear Corner Post
  • Latch Side 4″ x 3″ x 11 Ga. Tube
  • Hinge Side 3″ x 8″ x 3/16″ Formed Stiffener 4-way Bend
Rear Door
  • 11 Ga. Sheet w/4″ x 3″ x 11 Ga. Tube Frame and 3/8″ Safety Chain
  • Hinges ½” x 9″ x 9″ and ½” x 3″ x 9″ Plates with 2″ OD Mechanical Tube Bushings with Grease Fittings and 1-3/16″ Cold Rolled Pin
  • Non-Sagging Door is designed to rest on the floor of the container
  • Tie Down Hooks ½”
Door Lock
  • Vertical Lift Handle System. Semi-automatic Cam Locking System with cams and Self-Aligning Keeper. The Vertical Lift Handle is securely welded to a cam style for easy opening and closing operation. Handle is secured by a ¾” solid pin, 180° turn keyway locking system.

NOTE: Recycle Containers can be stacked 5 or 6 per load. This saves freight cost per container. However, when stacking and unstacking, doors have to be removed and re-hung, and the containers may be scratched or dented. We cannot be responsible for this happening since it is unavoidable when stacking containers.

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