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About Rudco Products Inc

Rudco Products Inc. has manufactured waste handling and recycling equipment for over 35 years. Our journey, however, began over 80 years ago.

If you’ve ever wondered what came first, the chicken coop or the refuse container, the answer is the chicken coop. Believe it or not, our foundation was originally laid in the chicken equipment industry. Regardless of which came first, Rudco has always produced quality products tailored to customer needs.

In the beginning that product was poultry equipment. Today Rudco is a premium source for compactors, containers, and more!

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How Rudco Began

In 1931, Boris Rudolph founded Rudolph Poultry Equipment Company. Based in Vineland, New Jersey, the company made a variety of equipment for the poultry industry such as chicken goggles, feeders, cages, and nests. As the company grew, Boris’s son Maurice got involved in the family business, and they built a strong foundation over the years serving poultry farmers. As the business grew larger, they opened warehouses throughout the southeast.

Around 1967, Maurice’s son Bob came into the business with aspirations to expand the product line. When a customer in the poultry and hog business asked Bob to manufacture a refuse container in 1968, it didn’t take him long to figure out the mechanics of the containers, and he soon began manufacturing them. One after another, he would design, build, and tirelessly market his new product. Bob’s sons remember their father driving all over the north and southeast showing his containers to prospective customers.

Rolling Into the Industry

In 1971, nine years after the first container had been built, Rudco Equipment was purchased by Peabody International. Bob stayed on as Executive Vice President, and both sales and staff members increased for the new company. However, in 1974, Bob left to pursue his own goals.

Temporarily hampered by a non-compete clause he had signed with Peabody, Bob formed Landmark Leasing Inc. to lease refuse equipment until he could get back into the industry full force. By this time, his father Maurice had retired. After the non-compete ran out in 1976, Bob started Rudco over again by himself in a 5,000 sq. ft. facility with a three-man crew. With the formation of Rudco Products, Inc., Bob returned to the manufacturing of solid and liquid waste handling equipment.

A couple years after Bob refounded Rudco Products, Inc., Peabody International closed the Vineland operation and Rudco moved back into the original 85,000 sq. ft. plant. Today, Rudco operates two equal-sized facilities in Vineland and a 40,000 sq. ft. facility in Simpsonville, South Carolina.


Giving Back to the Community

Rudco Products is proud to be a major supporter of The Dream Foundation. Every single day, families all over the region struggle to cope with the heartbreak of seeing their child dealing with a serious illness. As if that weren’t tragic enough, many are devastated by financial hardship resulting from their child’s illness. The Dream Foundation’s mission of “Dreaming of Better Lives for Local Families Financially Overwhelmed by a Child’s Illness” is so much more than just a slogan. To learn more about the dream foundation, please visit them online.

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